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Red Scarves is a Chicago band comprised of Braden Poole, Ayethaw Tun, Eric Novak, Ryan Donlin, and Robby Kuntz. In 2012, Braden and Ayethaw met in a class on Bob Dylan. The professor suggested the two of them play together, and they took his advice. They played with a number of friends over the next two years, and eventually Eric, Ryan, and Robby became permanent members of the group.

Red Scarves started in the world of folk, but gradually began incorporating elements of rock, pop, jazz, post-punk, and prog. Each band member has their own tastes and preferences. These differences lead to compromises, which lead to music that none of us could make on our own. Some of the band’s strongest influences have been Elliott Smith, The Pixies, The Band, Radiohead, and The Beach Boys.

Red Scarves has always been a flexible, collaborative project. That flexibility and collaboration has led to frequent instrument and leadership changes, as well as exploration of a variety of styles. Every member writes lyrics and music, and often the songwriter sings lead on their own songs. Ayethaw and Ryan trade between guitar and bass depending on what lineup best suits a particular song. Every decision serves the idea that each song should be a unique, enveloping world unto itself.

The songwriting of Red Scarves has always been diverse, but often tends towards earnest revelation. Braden, Ayethaw, Eric, Ryan, and Robby became fast friends partly because they share a mutual interest in hidden truth, and intimacy through the search for truth. They are united by a shared belief that music and words together can slip into crevices that words alone may be too clumsy for, revealing and reflecting things previously unseen.

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